WildAid's mission is to inspire and empower the world to protect wildlife and habitats from critical threats.

We want to achieve that by inspiring one billion people around the world to take action to protect wildlife and their ecosystems.

That goal has three strands: protecting keystone, iconic, and threatened species by achieving transformational conservation impacts; protecting marine wildlife and their vital habitats from critical threats by strengthening our enforcement programs and expanding effective Marine Protected Areas coverage; and measurably reducing carbon emissions on the scale of a nation-state .

How we started out

While most wildlife conservation groups focus on protecting animals from poaching, WildAid began by working to reduce global consumption of wildlife products such as elephant ivory, rhino horn and shark fin soup. With an unrivaled portfolio of celebrity ambassadors and a global network of media partners, WildAid leveraged hundreds of millions of dollars in pro-bono media support with a simple message: “When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too”. 

Our award-winning ivory campaign contributed to China’s historic decision to ban the ivory trade in 2017, and we also worked closely with the Kenyan government when it burned more than 100 tonnes of ivory in 2016. That has led in turn to a significant decline in ivory poaching from Africa.

WildAid in Africa

Since 2015, WildAid has been working in Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zimbabwe to highlight the urgency of protecting wildlife. Using celebrity ambassadors, from singers and athletes to ministers and religious leaders, we aim to reach the hearts and minds of the public at all levels of society.

Today, we are focused on three major problems in Africa: the trafficking of wildlife, conflict between humans and wildlife, and the consumption of illegal bushmeat. We believe in collaborating with local communities, other conservation groups and governments to tackle the problems together, and we aim to achieve measurable impacts in protecting wildlife and key habitats. 

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