Unsung Heroes

A series celebrating often overlooked men and women

WildAid’s series highlighting conservation’s Unsung Heroes celebrates the brave men and women playing their part in wildlife conservation. They are often overlooked, rarely seen people who have a pivotal role in not only protecting species, but also supporting the communities who live alongside them. 

Meet our Unsung Heroes...

Bright Toh uses art to advocate for wildlife conservation in Cameroon

Bright Toh is a visual artist whose passion for wildlife conservation is evident in his work. As a child, he realised the power of art to inspire change and impact society positively. Today, he uses his artistic skills to advocate for the protection of endangered species in Cameroon.

Asha Mnkeni - Women In Conservation

A wildlife ranger in the ancient forests of Udzungwa Mountains National Park in Tanzania, Asha Mnkeni is one of the many unknown faces behind conservation who make sure parks stay protected and pristine for both humans and wildlife. And as Tanzania’s first female ranger, Asha is an all around bosslady and inspirational woman at a time when the world needs both more than ever before. Watch Asha’s video and then tag an inspiring woman in your life. #WomenInConservation. Shot by Frank Papushka

Corail King: Using art to raise awareness about endangered species in Gabon

When we lose our forests and wildlife, we lose our culture. Gabonese artist, Corail King, uses art to raise awareness about endangered species and the threats they are facing.

Neria: Lion conflict officer in Tanzania

Neria is a lion conflict officer in Tanzania, a job that often requires navigating tense situations after lion depredations. Once afraid of lions, today she is proud of working tirelessly to safeguard both them and the people who live alongside them. Conservation’s Unsung Heroes is a WildAid video series that celebrates wildlife heroes in Africa.

Moreangels Mbizah - Women In Conservation

As a lion researcher in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Dr Moreangels Mbizah’s job has as much to do with protecting humans as it does with protecting animals. After the death of Cecil the lion in 2015, Mbizah turned her attention to empowering the communities who live alongside them, seeing them as the best first line defense in protecting lions. “At every effort and every level, conservation must include the economies of the people who share the land with the wild animals,” she believes (check out her full TED talk online). And as one of the few black African women working in conservation, Mbizah is best placed to inspire and lead this growing shift to community-led conservation solutions. Watch her video above, and then leave her a message of support in the comments.

Andrea Minkwe: On a mission to protect Gabon's wildlife heritage

"When God created man, the first responsibility given was to cultivate the land and to take care of it." As Manager of the Arboretum Raponda Walker near Libreville, Andrea Minkwe ensures that it stays preserved for future generations by raising awareness about the role nature plays in everyone's lives. By protecting forests and wildlife, we are protecting our own lives and our future.

Dr. Bernard Kissui: Tarangire Lion Project

Renowned in the field of lion conservation, Dr. Bernard Kissui started the Tarangire Lion Project as a PhD student and continues to run it to this day. Having worked for years in the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, he is passionate about understanding the drivers behind human-lion conflict and works closely with pastoralist communities to minimize the impact. Conservation’s Unsung Heroes is a WildAid video series that celebrates wildlife heroes in Africa.

Yamat: Human-wildlife conflict in Tanzania

Working mother Yamat is a jack of all trades, helping with monitoring and evaluation for the human-wildlife conflict program run by Tanzania People & Wildlife on the outskirts of Tarangire National Park. Her duties involve everything from creating sustainable livelihoods through beekeeping to inspecting “living wall” bomas made from trees. Conservation’s Unsung Heroes is a WildAid video series that celebrates wildlife heroes in Africa.

Stefano: Ruaha Carnivore Project in Tanzania

As a community liaison officer for Ruaha Carnivore Project in Tanzania, Stefano is a vital link between the community and the project, helping deepen their understanding of why protecting lions is so vital to not just the ecosystem but to local economies. Conservation’s Unsung Heroes is a WildAid video series that celebrates wildlife heroes in Africa.