Beatrice’s Wildlife Adventure comic book takes students on a journey into the wild

WildAid is proud to announce the publication of Beatrice’s Wildlife Adventure, a full-colour 28-page comic book and conservation education resource. The book, illustrated by Ugandan artist Charles Ssentongo from Elupe House of Comics and Animation, tells the story of a young girl who visits a national park and treks into the jungle where an array of encounters with insects, reptiles, birds and mammals – including people – await her.

The story takes readers on a journey that demonstrates the value of nature and uncovers how wild animals and their habitats power human life, for example by providing jobs through tourism, food through pollination, and resources for shelter. Readers find out how snakes help to control pests and disease, how bees and wasps protect our food sources, and how animals feel pain and love their families.

Her adventure sees Beatrice find out how small changes in her own life can make the world a healthier place for us all to live in. The story concludes with Beatrice mobilizing her family, friends and community to take action to solve some of the challenges of wildlife conservation themselves.

This material was designed and released as part of WildAid’s Uganda Wildlife Act campaign, and aims to introduce younger audiences – upper primary and lower secondary learners - to concepts behind the wildlife act, and to develop their understanding of why wildlife laws are important. It teaches them that everyone can play a role in wildlife conservation, and aims to inspire them to engage with their own communities. And it does all this in a visually appealing format and through a medium that is not widely used in Uganda.

The comic was produced in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority and Wildlife Clubs of Uganda, who are distributing this educational resource to more than 20,000 children in Uganda, alongside an educators’ manual full of activities for students to connect with nature.

WildAid is in the process of adapting this resource for other countries.

Download Beatrice’s Wildlife Adventure versions here:

Beatrice’s Wildlife Adventure – Uganda (English)